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Datum: 01-08-2018

My last Blog was about the discussion whether certification is blocking innovation or not and I promised another example it is not always about testing, testing, testing and making sure nothing changes in the certified product(s) or process(es).

 … the number one position when it comes to factory finished wooden windows, window frames and doors …

Of course making sure the quality will be the same and the product complies with the requirements as stated in the corresponding certification standard remains the number one priority. But sometimes things need to be tested on a production scale and if the Joinery Manufacturer is only manufacturing certified products and there is no opportunity to try new developments or concepts how do you make sure we keep the number one position when it comes to factory finished wooden windows, window frames and doors?

To make it possible to test new developments in the paint industry on KOMO® certified timber the procedure “testbatch” was written. This procedure (SKH-Publication 15-03) describes all the steps both the paint manufacturer and the joinery manufacturer have to follow to test new developments on KOMO® certified timber, without having them tested by an independent laboratory in advance.

Paint manufacturer

  • Registration of production parameters of the specific batch numbers;
  • Results of internal tests showing the products comply with the requirements of AD 0814 or AD 0817, must be send to SKH;
  • Minimal application conditions like drying times, temperature, relative humidity and air flow must be known;
  • SKH should be informed where and when the application of the ‘test batch’ is scheduled;
  • The projects for which the ‘test batch’ is used should be monitored for at least two years by the paint manufacturer;
  • Depending on the type of paint (primer, midcoat or topcoat) the paint manufacturer guarantees the durability for 6 – 60 months.

Joinery manufacturer

  • Batch numbers of the used materials, including all process parameters during application and drying must be registered;
  • Before the joinery leaves the factory the adhesion of the paint system should be checked according SKH-Publication 98-04.

Now the joinery manufacturer as well as the paint manufacturer can test new developments without having to certify everything in advance with the risk the development won’t work on a production scale.

As you can see certification is not blocking innovation, we even support new developments and create opportunities without losing our eye on the quality.

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