Baseline before certification

Do you want to acquire a certification? Your starting point is important. This decides whether the quality is of such level that a certification process can viable. SKH performs baseline measurements prior to the certification as a prelude to the process or as a calibration moment for your organisation. You know where you stand and can make any improvements you consider necessary.

Pre-certification  phase guidance

SKH can guide your organisation during the pre-certification phase. The important certification process is prepared in this phase. A baseline measurement makes it clear whether or which ‘warm-up’ is necessary before the real match begins. We study any applicable exercise materials together with you. For example, the streamlining of the production flow and/or opportunities for product optimisation.

Production flow  and product optimisation

The design of the production processes, permanent quality control, associated procedures and systematic checks together form the ideal setting for facilitating excellent performance. SKH monitors and guides.

You reach new perspectives. These often lead to product optimisations that provide distinctive qualities.

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