Certification for KOMO

SKH is accredited to certify for the KOMO quality mark, based on an Assessment Directive (AD). KOMO is the quality label for construction and is an international concept. The KOMO quality mark is managed by the KOMO Foundation ('Stichting KOMO'), based in Gouda. SKH issues KOMO® quality declarations to producers or suppliers of wood, wood products, wood constructions, other products and services. 

KOMO® quality declarations can be:

  • KOMO® certificate;
  • KOMO® product certificate;
  • KOMO® attest-with-product certificate;
  • KOMO® process certificate.

What  do you achieve with the SKH Quality mark?

A manufacturer or supplier receives a KOMO® quality statement if the product or service it provides meets the requirements as set out in the so-called Assessment Directive and when it's determined and checked in an objective review by an independent expert such as SKH in Wageningen. SKH specializes in KOMO certification of wood and building components, roofs, doors, wood and woody sheet materials, polymer products and play equipment. Because the KOMO quality label recognizes a very broad acceptance and applies as a preferential quality distinction, it makes an excellent contribution to your market positions.

KOMO  quality mark for your organization? SKH is pleased to guide you

In SKH you will find an experienced certification institution with customer focus and expertise. SKH certifies for KOMO with attention and open eye for your interests. Contact us for more information about SKH and the KOMO quality label.

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