The quality marks for which SKH certifies

SKH doesn't certify for all quality marks, but only for the marks in branches and disciplines where we are able to create added value for you.

A SKH certificate shows that your product meets the standards. It proves your organization works efficiently, sustainably and safely. That your processes easily meet with the objective standards. And that your employees work proficiently and integrally.

SKH certifies with attention and extreme care. Sharing your pursuit of perfection and providing added value through compassion. It's all about the image of your organization, your market opportunities and your growth perspective. SKH keeps that in mind.

SKH is your certification partner for the following quality marks:
 ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SCBN, VCA, Qex Dust extraction systems, SKH Quality Mark, ISPM15 / SMHV Registration, CSR Performance Label, CE-Marking, ERM, ETAG, NEN-EN, KOMO, FSC®, climbing quality label.