Please contact SKH if you have any complaints. This complaint will be settled according to the complaint procedure.
The complaint procedure is available in the following languages: 

Your complaint can concern a certified product or SKH itself. If the complaint concerns a certification scheme which is not managed by SKH, you can also lodge this complaint with the appropriate administrator such as FSC®/PEFC/SSVV/SCCM/SMK etc. We would be happy to provide their contact details.

If you have a complaint about a product that has been certified by SKH, please contact the certificate holder first. If you cannot reach an agreement with your vendor, you can submit a written request to SKH for arbitration.

If you have complaints about the work or the approach of SKH, please submit your complaint in writing to the director.

If you wish to appeal against a decision of SKH, you can submit this appeal in writing to the director in accordance with Article 7 of the SKH Rules of the  Court of Appeal.

The confidentiality requirements apply to this process.