Complaints or Appeals


Please contact SKH if you have any complaints. This complaint will be settled according to the complaint procedure (this procedure is available in 6 languages, see 'Read more'...).

Your complaint can concern a certified product or SKH itself. If the complaint concerns a certification scheme which is not managed by SKH, you can also lodge this complaint with the appropriate administrator such as FSC®/PEFC/SSVV/SCCM/SMK etc. We would be happy to provide their contact details.

General information about SKH

Assurance with added value

Do you want to certify a product, process or person? SKH offers you assurance with added value. The assurance of the certificate of your choice. Plus, the added value of our proven ability to provide ideas, excellent service, knowledge and years of experience. This added value makes a noticeable difference.


Audit processes

The SKH auditors use any relevant audit techniques during the certification or verification process. The auditor will check whether the company/organisation/department meets the set requirements. A deviation will be captured if this is not the case. The audited party must recover the non-compliance in accordance with the rules of the scheme.

The findings will be captured in a report based on which a certificate can be issued, refused, maintained, renewed, cancelled, restored or withdrawn, depending on the conclusion. Your auditor will inform you of the applicable situation.