Garbage bags with KOMO-quality mark are the best

KOMO  quality mark of garbage bags. Strongly tested.

There are nicer subjects, because of course garbage isn't very popular. Nevertheless, we all have to deal with it. You don't want a garbage bag that rips or breaks quickly. Or one that leaks. Have you ever used non-KOMO approved trash bags?
Then you know what I mean. The difference is: testing.

KOMO garbage bags are  highly tested

Trash bags with KOMO quality mark are stronger than counterfeit. You feel it, and you notice it because of objective tests. The KOMO quality mark, which exists since 1961, is only issued when the quality of garbage bags in tests has been established (BRL 9901) by an independent and expert certification  institution.

Garbage bags with KOMO  quality mark: measuring is knowing

The quality test includes checking raw materials (min. 80% recycled post-consumer PE), production, final product storage, complaint registration and -handling. Also tested are strength, watertightness, thickness, dimensions, weight, presence/strength/length of the closing strips, color) during each inspection. All this is tested at least 4 times a year. This way KOMO-quality trash bags are created.

KOMO. The quality  mark for construction.

What is KOMO? KOMO manages the KOMO quality mark. You may know it from the garbage bags, but KOMO is also the quality label for raw materials, products and processes in residential-, utility-, road- & water construction. If a product is KOMO certified then its quality is objectively and independently tested. Therefore, ask for the corresponding KOMO certificate in the construction and for trash bags.

Are you a manufacturer or supplier of trash bags (waste bags)? For testing please contact SKH.