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Basis for assessment

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SKH-BGS 001Basis of assessment for Unprocessed door leafsFeb 6, 2013Download
SKH-BGS002Basis for assessment for screws suitable for wood and wood-like sheet materialsNov 18, 2017Download
SKH-BGS 005Semi-manufactured bamboo for exterior and interior applicationsMay 7, 2014Download
SKH-BGS 018Basis for assessment Acetylated wood chips for the production of Wood based panelsJan 31, 2022Download
SKH-BGS 06-04Basis for Assessment of Wood Preservatives (incl. amendment d.d. 26-04-2018)Apr 7, 2017Download
SKH-BGS 08-08Basis of assessment for Glued timber exclusively for interior applicationsJul 7, 2009Download