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Assessment directive (AD)

Document no.TitleDate
0601Wood preservationApr 5, 2017Download
0602Fire retardant treated timber and timber products using the vacuum and pressure methodJun 17, 2020Download
0605Modified timberJun 20, 2018Download
0803Wooden exterior doorsJun 10, 2021Download
0807Wood repair productsSep 21, 2019Download
0812Profiled components for joineryDec 18, 2012Download
0814Film forming coatings for application on timberDec 18, 2016Download
0817Film-forming Midcoat and Topcoat Systems on WoodNov 20, 2019Download
0826Bio-based resins for application in coatings on wood and wood-like materialsJul 2, 2021Download
1101Particleboard (incl. Modification sheet dated 09-09-2016)May 1, 2005Download
1106OSB Oriented Strand Board ( incl. Modification sheet dated 09-09-2016)May 1, 2005Download
1701Glued laminated timberMay 24, 2018Download
1704-01Finger jointed timber for load bearing applicationsMay 19, 2020Download
1704-02Fingerjointed timber for non-load bearing applicationsFeb 29, 2012Download
1705PlywoodNov 9, 2021Download
2338Adhesives for load-bearing wood constructionsJan 6, 2021Download
2339Adhesives for non-load bearing applicationsSep 6, 2012Download
2901HolzkonservierungskapselnNov 1, 1998Download
2902Optimized timber for non-load bearing application (incl. Modification sheet dated 29-10-2019)May 7, 2014Download
9901Garbage bagsFeb 19, 2020Download
9903Drawstring bagsAug 1, 2021Download
9923Wooden scaffolding boardsOct 1, 2004Download


Document no.TitleDate
02-01SKH-SKG-Publication Cladding classification for AD 4101-7Jul 1, 2002Download
03-01Tile laths; Summary of SKH-Publication 03-01Jan 1, 2005Download
04-01Assessment of sealants for the timber industrySep 10, 2018Download
05-01Determination of adhesion of paint to woodJan 23, 2018Download
06-02Assessment of the closedness of a paint film on timberFeb 3, 2020Download
06-03Finishing wooden façade elements and wooden exterior doors on the basis of performance requirementsMay 21, 2019Download
07-01Overview of sealers allowed for the joinery industryAug 3, 2022Download
08-02Determination of the water uptake of coating systems on timber after critical drying and complete dryingFeb 3, 2020Download
08-04Visual assessment of a door leafMar 1, 2010Download
10-01Water uptake and freeze stability testMar 30, 2019Download
13-02Approved modified timber species according to the AD 0605 to be used in wooden façade elements (window frames, windows and doors)Jul 16, 2020Download
15-03Procedure Test Batch (Paint) for Application under KOMO®Feb 3, 2020Download
16-01Overview of SKH certified finger jointing and-or optimizing companiesAug 30, 2022Download
18-01Wood preservatives acc. to BGS 06-04 for use in combination with AD 0601Jul 1, 2021Download
93-03The use of repair materialsMar 12, 2021Download
98-04Conditions and internal quality controls for the industrial applicaton of joinery with waterbased paintsAug 31, 2017Download
99-05Approved timber species to be used in wooden facade elements (window frames, windows and doors) + appendix quality requirementsOct 10, 2018Download
99-08Certified adhesives for load bearing wooden building constructionsOct 6, 2021Download
99-10Certified adhesives for non-load bearing applications (AD 2339), joints (AD 0819) and alternative adhesives (SKH-BA 014)Apr 8, 2022Download

Basis for assessment

Document no.TitleDate
SKH-BGS 001Basis of assessment for Unprocessed door leafsFeb 6, 2013Download
SKH-BGS002Basis for assessment for screws suitable for wood and wood-like sheet materialsNov 18, 2017Download
SKH-BGS 005Semi-manufactured bamboo for exterior and interior applicationsMay 7, 2014Download
SKH-BGS 018Basis for assessment Acetylated wood chips for the production of Wood based panelsJan 31, 2022Download
SKH-BGS 06-04Basis for Assessment of Wood Preservatives (incl. amendment d.d. 26-04-2018)Apr 7, 2017Download
SKH-BGS 08-08Basis of assessment for Glued timber exclusively for interior applicationsJul 7, 2009Download


Document no.TitleDate
00.119.36000.119.360 Revised version of the AD 1701Glued laminated woodSep 3, 2018Download
00.147.347Mailing Acceptance of amendments sheet AD 2902 Optimized timber for non-load bearing applicationDec 2, 2019Download
00.151.715Mailing certificate holders remote control-auditMar 17, 2020Download
00.160.438revised version of AD 1704-01 “Finger jointed timber for load bearing applications"Sep 9, 2020Download
00.166.173NTA 8800 replaces NEN 1068Nov 19, 2020Download
00.174.050Mailing Certificate holders AD 0605 (Revised version of the AD 0605 Modified Timber)Sep 11, 2018Download

SKH Regulations for Certification

Document no.TitleDate
SKH Regulations for CertificationSKH Regulations for CertificationDec 1, 2021Download


Document no.TitleDate
0801-3Applying direct glazing in windows under AD 0801Apr 15, 2020Download