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You want to certify a product or multiple products? SKH provides you with the quality marks you need to operate successfully. We not only provide certification of finished products but also of semi-finished products and components. SKH has national and international standards, offers decades of experience and moreover, security with added value.

Certification with SKH  provides more

Certifying a product with SKH means, first and foremost, the acquisition of an independent, objective confirmation of the quality of your product(s). But it also means: extensive professional attention to your competitiveness and thereby improving your market position. You can significantly reduce failure costs, gain efficiency and achieve more sustainability. Therefore, many manufacturers, following the branded quality mark, like to see the SKH logo.

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CE-marking: SKH points  the way

A CE-marking is not a quality mark, but is required by European regulations for more than 20 product groups, including construction products, gas appliances and toys. Each manufacturer carries the responsibility and consequently the consequences for the CE-marking that he makes. SKH advises on CE-markings, sets them up and ensures that they comply with European legislation. The right combination of CE-marking and quality mark provides additional market preference. SKH points the way.

CE-marking: well arranged with SKH