SKH staat op de BouwBeurs, kom je ook?

Van 4 t/m 8 februari klopt het hart van de bouw in de Jaarbeurs in Utrecht en natuurlijk is SKH van de partij. Je vindt ons in hal 10, stand F022, waar we je graag bijpraten over KOMO, ISO, STIP, FSC, PEFC, VCA en ATEX. Ook voor informatie over actuele onderwerpen zoals de verlijming van steenstrips, single part productie en richtlijnen voor het plaatsen op de bouw (in het kader van de wet kwaliteitsborging) bent u van harte welkom!

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The human factor is indispensable for virtually any organization. And the more we automate, the more that applies. Employees are given greater responsibilities; the impact of their doing and leaving increases accordingly. Do your employees work professionally? Do they meet the demands others make? Does their professionalism go hand in hand with current standards, laws and regulations? SKH offers certainty about it. Because SKH certifies persons according to (inter)nationally agreed, objectively tested criteria.

Certification with SKH provides more

Employee certification at SKH provides much more than security. In addition to a certificate accepted by the market, you will meet with SKH's compassion and personal attention. You can count on professional guidance, which, much more than form alone, really gives content to valuable personal certification. On an approach that motivates, inspires and creates support. As a certification institution, we restrict ourselves to branches and disciplines in which we possess extensive material knowledge. Therefore, many companies, following the branded quality label in the field of personal certification, would like to see the SKH logo.

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